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I just watched The Big Sick and I now understand why the film received backlash on its representation of South Asian women.

The week when this film was released, opinion articles and reviews began to pop up on my social media timelines.   I try not to read up on movies I plan to watch in the theatre so I can go in with as few murmurs and judgments as possible, but I recall headlines specifically criticizing the way South Asian women were portrayed in the rom-com.

I really wanted to love the movie 42.

From the first preview I saw, it was decided that this would be a film I must watch and I was confident that it would be a winner. But, like many other times in life, I have been duped! The story of Major League Baseball’s first African-American player (in modern times) is one that resonates with several people for a variety of reasons.

Just in case you have been living under a rock, the 85th Academy Awards are happening tonight. Like many other film enthusiaists and bloggers-alike, I have been doing my best to catch up and watch most of the of the movies that are up for a big award. Scheduling in time to make trips to the theatre when crunch-time hits and the Oscars are only days away is a ritual I can't let go of.