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Be Bold, Not Boring

Photo source: www.gq.com

Photo source: www.gq.com

I would like to tip my hat to Russell Westbrook's fashion spread in the January 2013 issue of GQ Magazine. Westbrook is better known for his work in the NBA but I wouldn't be surprised if he picked up a side-gig as a model after this four-page homage to "fresh prints". I love a man who is bold enough to step away from the mundane, solid-coloured dress shirt. An interesting graphic or vibrant print, done respectively, always catches your eye (in a good way). But, more importantly, this spring trend of  a nicely tailored short pant with a beautiful dress shoe or leather loafer and no socks, certainly has my stamp of approval.

Spread the word, boys: bare feet aren't just for sandals anymore. Give your tootsies some fresh air and show some bare ankles next season. If you sport it as well as Westbrook the ladies will notice, trust me.


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