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Camera bags can be stylish too – ONA



Photography is something that I am not only required to do for work, but I also love to toy around with it during my spare time. I recently purchased a new DSLR camera that I often take along to various events (usually to post on this blog). I have been incredibly frustrated lately because I have been trying very hard to find a classic camera bag that is not only attractive, but has the necessary attributes to protect my camera when I am out and about. If you are anything like me, you consider the standard nylon camera bags that they sell at most electronic stores, or even the bag that may have been included in your kit, as a major eyesore. What is the point of putting effort into my outfit if I am forced to carry around a tacky tote that closely resembles my lunch bag in grade four? This is why one of my favorite new finds is ONA. This company specializes in camera bags and accessories that are not only practical, but also stylish.

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