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Black History Month Kicks-Off in Edmonton

Okay, I am going to be completely honest with you. I am a 29-year-old, black woman who has lived in Edmonton for most of her life. I am incredibly proud of my heritage and take black history month (BHM) very seriously. To me, it is an officially marked time frame where awareness around the rich history and heritage of blacks is centre stage. That being said, I have never taken the time to participate in a formal black history event in my home-city. I am not sure why. Perhaps I have never made the extra effort to seek out the date and time of the events, or maybe life gets in the way and I miss out on a scheduled gathering because of work, school, family, friends, etc. I suppose if I thought long enough I would have a lengthy list of excuses/reasons for my absences that are similar to anyone else with a life that inevitably has countless commitments.

 This year is different. Even though I, along with countless other black-Canadians, hold this time of year close to our hearts--regardless of our visibility--I have made a commitment to attend at least a few of the scheduled events for black history month in Alberta's capital. I will always defend the idea that the loudest and most visible don't always equate to the biggest supporters. A stoic and reserved cheerleader can often be equally as powerful. However, as someone who believes wholeheartedly in the arts, supporting locals and sharing our stories as a community, to not be physically present at the celebrations and witness the talent, support and pride that beams from the black community of this city would be a disservice to so many, too many.

 With that, I encourage all of my fellow wallflowers to break routine and get out to an event celebrating this amazing month. A complete list of events that will take place around the city throughout the month of February is at www.nbccedmonton.ca. Keep checking back for more BHM coverage on Dare to Glare.

Below are some of the performers that were featured at the 2013 Black History Month opening ceremonies that took place at West Edmonton Mall today.


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