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Beasts of the Southern Wild Earns Buzz

It is no secret that I am a movie fanatic. On average, you can find me at the theatre at least once a week, and I am pretty sure I am known as a regular amongst the pre-teen ticket agents at the local cineplex. Film has always been an art form of which I genuinely appreciate every layer involved in the process.
With that, you can imagine I keep a close eye on the line-up of Academy Award nominations that are released each year. Beasts of the Southern Wild had a quiet release in June 2012 after receiving major buzz at the film festival circuit. It wasn't until the film, written and directed by Benh Zeitlin, was nominated for four Academy Awards that the fantasy-drama based in the Louisiana Bayou intrigued movers and shakers in the film industry, as well as the general public. Up against heavyweights like Lincoln, Django Unchained and Les Misérables in the best film category, it is natural to be curious about what this film has to offer.

This movie is a tribute to the art of film production. While reading up on Beasts, one synopsis described it as "poetry on screen", and that's exactly what it is. Similar to poetry, not everyone will connect with it or understand what it is trying to accomplish. But, those of us who do will find comfort in it's originality and simplistic story that is steeped in metaphors of what it means to love, survive, conquer and fight.

Quvenzhané Wallis (Hushpuppy), was only five when she accepted the lead role. Now 9-years-old, she has recently received a cascade of attention after her nomination in the best actress category. Being the youngest nominee in this category, the depth of her talent has been questioned. Now that I have seen her performance, I don't understand the debate. Wallis is a powerhouse and caries this film, along with Dwight Henry who plays her stubborn and eccentric father.

While I shake my head in disbelief at some of the choices for "top" films competing for a gold statue at the upcoming 85th Academy Awards, my sincere appreciation for film is affirmed knowing that a modest movie like this is elevated to the platform it deserves.

*Sidenote: Wallis is one of the most beautiful children, and there is a chance I may try and rock her wild-child look in the future. Consider this your heads-up.


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