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5 Artists,1 Love Opens With a Warm Welcome

The Art Gallery of Alberta is the host of one of the most anticipated events that is a part of Black History Month in Edmonton.

5Artists, 1 Love kicked-off on Feb 2 and will remain open to the public until March 1. The small exhibit in the lower level of Edmonton's glossy gallery is a modest display of five established visual artists, who selected handfuls of samples to display for Edmonton art enthusiasts. The opening reception was a warm and inviting space for locals to come and meet the artists, while enjoying music, spoken word performances, and delectable treats. The space was intimate, steeped in camaraderie and a mutual appreciation for supporting local talent.

Singer-songwriter Nuela Charles brought down the house with a powerful performance that included her acoustic guitar and a goose bumps-enducing voice. This woman is someone to watch and I will definitely keep my eyes peeled for other local performances she may headline in the future. 

Spoken word performers included Ahlam Sadik and Saida Barre. Both poets were brave and bold in their delivery, but Barre made a particular connection with the crowd when the weight of her words triggered a nerve and she broke down in tears, taking purposeful pauses mid-poem in order to regain her composure. The audience countered her vulnerability with loud snaps and hollers of encouragement. It was everything that spoken word is meant to be, a reflection of both heart and soul. 

The featured artists include, Pamela Parker, Philip Risby, Lorien Maheu, Melissa Ayenfisu and Blanche Thompson.

Spend an afternoon away from the television, and take a friend or family member to this exhibit. Even if art isn't typically 'your thing', you will appreciate the fresh air and the magnificence that is the AGA (that building is gorgeous).

Below are photos from the opening reception.

Jaimie Spurgeon enjoys the goodies
Saida Barre
Philip Risby, Artist
                                  Erin David-a lovely attendee who knows how to dress

Pamela Parker, Artist

Nuela Charles

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